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« Founded in 1992 in İstanbul Turkey, Ozge Yapi is a manufacturer of prefabricated steel housing. They establish these productions with weldless building technology and fiber cement technology which they introduced to the prefabricated building sector by using Hekimboard and Turksiding branded, A1 class incombustible, resistant to water facade and roof coating materials produced for the first time in Turkey. Their panel system containers are irreplaceable equipments of the worksite prepared to meet various needs. It is an affordable, fast and practical solution which can be moved around continuously due to being framed and transported to the required placed after its work is done. The most distinct feature of panel system containers is the wall and roof construction which consists of ready Hekim Sandwich panels. 50mm sandwich panels are used on the walls and 40 mm is used on the ceiling. Their steel houses are resistant to 1st degree earthquake, flexible, light and they shake but do not cave in even in during the most destructive earthquakes. Mounting time for steel houses are much shorter than concrete buildings. Besides, prefab buildings can be disassembled and assembled many times over. They are produced compatible to all kinds of climate conditions with related heat and static calculations. Steel houses of Ozge Yapi can be used reliably for many years. Suleyman Oksuz the Foreign Trade Executive say that prefabricated buildings are cheaper than traditional construction and faster to construct. »